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StoreShip coordination of orders and deliveries

Retailers sell, you deliver – we ensure smooth coordination between the retailer and you.

There is a lot to do between the time the order is received and the actual delivery…

StoreShip coordinates all incoming orders, finds the perfect supplier and transfers orders to the suppliers for delivery. With StoreShip you have a coordinator who takes care of everything. From transferring the order, to email communication, to invoicing and settling accounts. And if something does go wrong, StoreShip takes care of finding a solution.


StoreShip orders can start on the following platforms:

img_moduleProvider’s website

Provider’s website

Website operators can connect to their retailers using our modules (e.g. click&collect).

As an authorised supplier, you receive orders from connected websites (e.g. manufacturers’ websites) and deliver to specialist brick and mortar retailers.

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img_kioskKiosk Kiosk

With the Kiosk, Kiosk retailers are in a position to offer your customers a huge product portfolio from innumerable suppliers directly in store.

All orders are coordinated by StoreShip from accepting the order to making the delivery without any additional effort for you as a supplier.

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img_onlineshopOnline shop OnlineShop

In order to be able to offer end customers a full online shopping experience if that is what is required, all Kiosk retailers are automatically provided with their own customizable online shop.

This ensures that their product range is visible not only in store but also online, and StoreShip takes care of providing smooth fulfillment of your orders.

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